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Keef Brands: Cannabis Infused Beverages

Perhaps it is the wide array of cannabis infused beverages produced by Keef Brands that leads us to love them. It might also be the distinctive way that Keef allows customers to now enjoy consuming cannabis beyond a smoke or vape. But no matter how you slice it, Keef brands have won the hearts of Billo dispensary budtenders and it’s a brand we trust to deliver a great cannabis experience.

The Keef story begins in 2010 when Erik Knutson launched the brand in Boulder, Colorado. With some help from both family and friends, Erik knew there should be a way to consume cannabis without having to smoke it. He also knew that drinking cannabis infused beverages allows one’s body to begin absorbing the THC almost immediately. This gives cannabis drinkables a very quick uptake so customers can start to feel the effects within 10-15 minutes; solving a problem inherent to most other cannabis edibles.

What makes Keef so special however is how they combine the celebratory fun and social aspects of drinking with the relaxation and joy that comes from cannabis. Erik and other founding members are still at the helm and Keef continues to drive cannabis innovation, education, and product development.

Of the many different products Keef manufactures, options now include their classic sodas, energy drinks, sparkling water, mocktails and more.

Classic Sodas

These are produced for those who just love the sweetness and thirst-quenching attributes of drinking soda with an infusion of THC to heighten the experience. Classic sodas are primarily offered in a 10 mg dose per can.

Energy Drinks

We could all use a gentle lift from time to time, especially when the days are longer and we don’t want the good times to end. Keef has found the perfect balance of THC and caffeine inside their energy drinks for a natural beverage ranging between 10 mg to 100 mg per can.

Sparkling H2O

Refreshment doesn’t end when you have a Keef Sparkling H2O at your side. These beverages combine the simplicity of sparkling water, a hint of flavor, and 10 mg of THC. They are also great for the health conscious as they have zero calories and zero sugar. These drinks come with a CBD infused option to explore as well.


Keef mocktails are designed mainly for cannabis users with a higher THC tolerance. Flavor options in this line include Lemonade, Fruit Punch and Pineapple. These can also be great options for those who like to make their own drink concoctions.

Beyond simply making some seriously delicious cannabis beverages, we love what Keef is building and how they maintain genuinely good intentions. If you check out Keef’s website one of the things you’ll find are their 6 core tenets.

  1. Togetherness: Keef invites users to come together in the name of good times, to celebrate boldly, and to raise a glass in cheer.
  2. Celebration: Let’s all celebrate and push forward the social adventure of the cannabis category through sharing, giving, and connecting.
  3. Inclusiveness: Keef invites everyone – friends, family, newcomers, old-timers, CannaSeurs and CannaCurious – to join in raising their glasses as one.
  4. Adventure: Let’s explore and see the world in a new way; making laughter the soundtrack of our lives, and adventure our life ambition.
  5. Remixing Expectations: At their core, Keef has blended the fun, social, celebratory experience of drinking with the magic and joy of cannabis. Keef is a new way to experience the simple pleasure of a good drink with friends old and new.
Woman drinking a Keef cannabis infused beverage

So feel free to stop into the Billo Premium Cannabis Dispensary and give these products a try. Billo carries a wide selection of Keef beverages and we’re always happy to talk you through the options.