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Billo Recreational Marijuana Dispensary

We Sell Products Empowering You To Feel Exactly How You Want.

End the confusion about what to buy and how it will affect you. Have your questions answered by experienced professionals so you can completely enjoy your cannabis experience.

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Finally, a dispensary where you can smell, ask, compare, and purchase a variety of premium cannabis products and trust that you’re getting the best quality available. Our skilled growers, cultivators and lab technicians bring decades worth of combined experience to the products sold at the retail store.

How We Are Different

Marijuana Connoisseurs

Know The Difference.

The Billo line of specialty marijuana is as premium as it gets. Whether you’re looking for high potency or unique flavor profiles, everything you find here was selected with purpose.

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Mindfully Cultivated

Premium strains, organically grown to exceed the industry’s highest quality standards.

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Thoughtfully Curated

You’re going to love the products we sell. After all, we chose them with you in mind.

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Highly Decorated

Our proprietary strains have earned independently judged awards every year since 2020.

Banana Mac

This strong indica starts out with an uplifting, giggly, and cerebral high. But as the effects intensify you can expect some heavy relaxation to kick in. This bud has a r


Talk about a strain bred to take the edge off. Bananasicle will quickly put you in a chilled out state while remaining fully functional. This is a good all-day smoke that

Bubble Yum Weed Strain

This is an approachable smoke perfect for keeping you mellow but not sleepy. This indica dominant hybrid strikes the perfect balance of body-numbness but with a stimulate

Caked Up Cherries

This strain delivers on its name with the taste and smell of sweet, tangy cherry. Caked Up Cherries provides a delicate blend of body sedation with an alert mental state.

Cap's Frozen Lemons

A clear headed, cerebral, and creative high. Designed to provide an uplifting and adventurous experience. Don't be surprised when colors seem brighter, your mind becomes

Crescendo Sour Cookies

Expect a strong buzz from this one with an intensely cerebral but balanced high. Motivating but clear headed. Great for focus. This strain is often associated with high p

Dirty Dreamz

This strain delivers a strong, euphoric effect from the initial onset which can create a sense of fatigue. The high then transforms into blissful sedation. Expect a stron

Garlic Sherbert

Strap in for a quick onset with this one. Expect to experience squinty eyes and warm forehead because this strain can be a bit potent. The Blue Sherbert lineage gives you

gatorade weed strain

A well balanced hybrid that comes with its own share of potency but without the couch-locked feeling typically associated with strong weed. This strain delivers moderate

GG #4

This loud and pungent strain is arguably some of the most potent weed you can smoke. Users experience a strong head high which settles in behind the eyes. Expect a mighty

Grapple Pie x Jealousy

Expect to feel happy and giggly on the front end and quite mellow as the high burns off. Not overly heady and not too potent. Good choice for those with a lower tolerance

hot sauce weed strain

Expect to enjoy an uplifted head high from this strain. With a flavor profile combining both sweetness and spice, you’ll enjoy an almost immediate boosted mood which ev

Kimbo Kush

Arguably one of the sleepiest strains you'll experience. This one won't get you overly high but boasts incredible relaxation effects. Often recommended for pain managemen

Lilac Diesel

Haze for days! One of the most psychoactive and visually amplifying highs you can find. This thought provoking strain can be somewhat intense and potent on the brain. Thi

Mac #1

A euphoric yet productive hybrid. MAC #1 provides a happy head buzz without being too overwhelming. It's a pleasant high that does pack its fair share of potency with bot

Billo weed strain Midori

This pungent strain has terpenes that hit you in the face with mellow sweetness and a hint of funk. This one provides full body comfort without knocking you out. The quin

Mr. Nasty

If you're looking for a powerful strain known to get you extremely high with a quick onset, meet Mr. Nasty. The initial rush hits hard, with a powerful body high to follo

Platinum Kush Breath

Expect an initial rush of euphoria followed by waves of full-body relaxation. This is boutique weed at its finest, boasting an extreme amount of trichomes. Winner: 2020 T

This evenly balanced hybrid provides a minty terp profile with hints of chocolate. Expect a full-body high designed to set you at ease from the start. As the high deepens


Slurricrasher is an extremely sedating indica which gets you high very quickly. You'll feel relaxed from the start with this one. The smoke is smooth and so is the buzz.


This is a great representation of OG Kush. The experience is often associated with classic indica, providing equal parts head and body high. Expect to feel weighted limbs

Sour Sage weed strain

Talk about terps that hit throughout the entire experience. This strain provides a lasting high with flavor that spans from your first puff to the bottom of the bowl. Tru

Trop Cherry weed strain

Enjoy a functional daytime high with this strain. The smoke from this one will leave you feeling vibrant and energized to get you up and moving. Whether you’re headed o

Tropicana Cookies

Don't be surprised if you find yourself smiling for hours after consuming this one. A deep sense of "happy for no reason" is the most common experience. This strain is an



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What People Are Saying

"New to town and they made us feel welcome. Sometimes being trans and walking in a dispensary is unnerving, but this place was the opposite. Good staff and their flower is so resinous!"

Captain Dee

"This place is just about perfect. Went in there because I needed a 510 battery, but a glance at the flower in the nice glass display jars had me feeling the need to splurge. Charlie got me on the Fosted Apricot, and I literally had to call the store to thank them because it 100% is as frosty as anything I've ever seen"

Matthew Lahey

"I recently went into Billo a little unsure of what I wanted as i don't go to dispensaries often. My Budtender was extremely helpful and very informative. I ended up getting the perfect items that were personalized just for me and they gave me just the right experiences i was looking for! I also picked up a hat and a few t-shirts that are made really well and they feel amazing on! I couldn't be more satisfied with my experience. I will for sure be going back."

Emily Philbrick

"Went in for a cart and they were so nice and polite and the best part for me is they make their own stuff. Super cool"

Jessica Simeone

"Came up to go hiking and explore the city and was recommended this dispensary and I'm glad I went. Not only was the staff super nice and friendly, but they had great product for a great price. I just I'll absolutely come back when I'm around here again. Highly suggested!"

Zach Davis

Come visit our dispensary in Steamboat Springs today!