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In The Wild West

of the cannabis industry, the showdown at high noon has been won by a marijuana-slingin’ hero we call Billo. Billo’s bravado in cultivating the region’s top strains of flower and potent concentrates has earned the honor of New Sheriff in Town!

It’s a timeless story of a badass, longcoat-wearing, gunslinging hero spouting words like “this town ain’t big enough for the two of us.” But in present day Steamboat Springs, what’s earned Billo the town’s respect is our craft in growing and procuring the highest quality, premium cannabis products you will find.

We believe that when you’re making a marijuana purchase, you have the right to know where it came from and how it was grown. At Billo, we capitalize on state-of-the-art horticultural equipment and extraction facilities to meticulously cultivate a diverse range of marijuana strains. Billo’s locally grown flower has been awarded some of the industry’s top awards for quality and purity. It makes an incredible difference in how our products taste, smell, and feel.

Consume How You Like.
Feel How You Want.
Enhance Your Experience.

Conveniently located as Steamboat’s only mountain village dispensary, Billo stands as the preferred dispensary by both locals and visitors alike.

It's our mission to provide every customer and patient with an outstanding cannabis experience suited to their individual needs.

Billo Premium Cannabis has developed an intricate extraction process which yields a uniquely refined line of concentrates. Depending on the product you choose to consume, your high will be as euphoric and flavorful as you'd like. Our lab technicians work hard to purify, filter, and distill a complete line of potent concentrates including:

- Live resin
- Live nectar
- Badder
- Wax
- Shatter
- Oil
- Hash

For consumers looking to amplify the flower’s flavor, Billo extracts are designed for you. Extracts are considerably more refined, making for a cleaner product with fewer unnecessary substances. Billo cannabis extracts vary in texture, elemental state, and processing.

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