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Billo artist series

The Billo Premium Cannabis Dispensary is looking to launch a series of wearable art pieces in partnership with another Colorado based brand, Wana. Both of our businesses hold the talents of local artists in high regard and we are looking at a creative way to showcase their works among Billo customers.

We are soliciting submissions from Steamboat local artists to create a unique piece of art that can be printed on t-shirts and other wearables. The printed shirts will be available in limited supply and used as both customer giveaway items and sold at retail. Our goal is to combine the creative energy of local artists with a compelling sales & marketing promotion for Billo and our brand partner.

Once selected, the winning artist(s) will be highlighted in the Billo Dispensary’s marketing materials including website (blog post, featuring a Q&A with the artist), email, SMS/text message, printed materials (flyers around Steamboat), social media, and in-store promotional collateral. We anticipate giving equal promotion to both the artist and the art!

Please review our Call for Artists overview before submitting your artwork.