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Recipe: Keef High Octane Blast-Off

Keef High Octane

Warmer days are on the horizon which compels us to begin planning for spring trips to the desert, backyard BBQs, and the refreshing beverages that pair with all of it. So if you find yourself thirsting for something with a kick (and without the hangover!) then you might consider mixing up this delicious mocktail from our friends at Keef Infused Beverages.

The recipe couldn’t be any simpler:

  • 1 part Sprite
  • 1 part Blue Raspberry Powerade
  • 1 part Keef High Octane

Mix the ingredients, gently stir, and pour over a tall glass of ice. VOILA! It’s now chill-season for your tastebuds with outstanding flavor just like a Mtn Dew Baja Blast.