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Female Orgasmic Disorder: Qualifying Condition for Medical Cannabis

While not a qualifying condition in Colorado, other states are currently exploring the addition of female orgasmic disorder (FOD) as a qualifying condition to receive medical cannabis. Connecticut, Illinois, Ohio, and New Mexico are leading the charge on the campaign.

There’s a growing field of research that suggests how the cannabis plant can lead to more frequent (and satisfying) orgasms when having sex. FOD is defined as having a “lack of or delay in sexual climax” and includes patients with infrequent orgasms when a sufficient amount of sexual stimulation is presented.

This should come as a surprise. The talk surrounding the sexual enhancement properties of the plant have been boasted since the herb was first smoked. And now, thanks to scientific research, we know that cannabis acts as a vasodilator in the human body and can increase the amount of blood flow to one’s genitals. For those who find it hard to “get in the mood” to begin with, we also know that cannabis can often help alleviate anxiety. This is especially important for those with sexual dysfunction caused by trauma or previously unfulfilling sexual experiences.

Dating back to the year 2019, an article found on the National Library of Medicine reports how marijuana appears to improve satisfaction with orgasm. A simple online search on the topic will yield numerous reports from women at all stages of life who report how the consumption of cannabis prior to a sexual encounter improved the interaction and led to more frequent and intense orgasms.

Research published in the Journal of Cannabis Research found how over 70% of those surveyed experienced an elevated desire for sex and an increased intensity of their orgasms when consuming cannabis prior to intercourse. In addition to that, of those participants in the study who reported masturbating, 62% indicated an increased level of pleasure when consuming cannabis over those who did not consume.

Three cheers to this amazing plant for providing a means for women to better enjoy sexual activity. Speaking to those without a medical marijuana card, recreationally available cannabis products in Steamboat Springs can be just as effective at improving sexual encounters. Now go treat yourself to an orgasm!