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Steamboat’s Only Cannabis Consumption Event

Billo Premium Cannabis Hosts Farm-to-Table Dinner paired with cannabis

With the popularity of alcohol related events such as the Steamboat Food & Wine Festival and Steamboat Oktoberwest, the Billo Premium Cannabis dispensary has created something new to offer the community. The Cultivated Cuisine event recently treated 20 private guests to a truly unique dining experience where farm fresh, gourmet food was paired with intermezzos of cannabis.

The event, which took place at the Elkstone Farm in Strawberry Park, was a truly extravagant evening in a magnificent setting. Guests were treated to a 7-course meal prepared by in-house Chef Russell Goodman. The majority of the food served was harvested directly from the farm less than a week prior to the event, which added a robust freshness to the meal.

“We have a found a truly special partnership with the Elkstone Farm” said Dave Wittlinger, Billo’s Marketing & Events Director. “The attention to detail and caring their entire staff puts into these dinners is unsurpassed. And pairing the food with premium cannabis makes this a truly unforgettable experience for our guests.”

In the early 1900’s, Strawberry Park was the largest supplier of strawberries nationwide. Harvested fruit from these acres was distributed by train to Denver, Chicago, and as far away as New York. Fast-forward to modern day where over 750 glorious acres in Strawberry Park is now owned and managed as Elkstone Farm. This was the setting of Steamboat’s most elegant cannabis consumption event.

“There couldn’t be a better symbiosis between the plants and vegetables that sustain us and the care and nurturing we put into our cannabis cultivation” said Charlie Peddie, Chief of Operations for Billo. “And when you factor in the pristine beauty of this venue, our customers were treated to an evening of absolute indulgence like no other.”

cannabis dinner in steamboat springs colorado

Other nuances of the evening included a mocktail bar hosted by Keef Brands, makers of THC-infused beverages, a “dab bar” featuring premium concentrates from Green Dot Labs, and infused gummies from Dialed In… served as part of the dessert. Product samples were served tableside using devices like the Puffco Proxy vaporizer and a Stundenglass gravity hookah.

The event began with a short tour of the property guided by agricultural docents of Elkstone Farm where chic-dressed guests got to see exactly where their meal was coming from. Live acoustic music, the gentle sounds of flowing creek, and a forest of surrounding aspens set the stage for what was to become a magical evening under the setting sun.

Door-to-door private transportation was provided to all guests and was included as part of the event. Substantial gift bags were presented to all attendees at the conclusion of the evening along with wide smiles and warm hugs as the night came to a close.

“We worked for over a year in planning this,” mentioned Wittlinger. “Seeing the utter enjoyment on the faces of these incredible people was worth every minute.”

The Billo dispensary plans to host more events like this in the future while continuing to follow all the rules and regulations set forth by the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division and including local restrictions. These are private, invitation-only events open to those 21 years of age and older, designed to be a safe and positive cannabis experience for all involved. While the food itself was not infused with cannabis, a variety of products were paired with the meal to compliment all the wonderful tastes and smells.