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Consuming cannabis edibles

Cannabis Edibles: The Best Ways to Enjoy Edibles

Wipe your mouth, you appear to be drooling.

We know, just thinking about some of the delicious cannabis edibles that have hit the market over the last year is all it takes to get you curious about consuming marijuana differently. Sweet, salty, gummy, and chocolatey. Or heck, no flavor at all. The industry is booming with varieties of THC-infused edibles like never before.

Cannabis edibles come with a somewhat different “user manual” than you have come to expect with simply smoking pot. Before you go munching on those weed-infused gummies or mixing dissolvable THC concentrate powders into your next meal, here are a few considerations you should keep in mind.

What’s taking so long?

You’ve probably heard stories about people who bit off more (brownies) than they could chew, so to speak. When it comes to avoiding overindulgence on cannabis edibles the key is patience. Most edibles these days must first undergo the digestive process before the cannabinoids can enter your bloodstream. When you smoke marijuana you feel it right away. The THC enters the capillaries in your lungs which immediately send it into your bloodstream on their way to your brain.

For a lot of first timers experiencing cannabis edibles, the natural tendency is to consume more as a way of speeding up the effects. This approach however will most likely lead to overconsumption and a not-so-fun time.

The key to ingesting marijuana in the form of edibles is to start slow and wait. Billo budtenders will often recommend starting with a 10mg dose and work up from there depending on how you feel. After ingesting your first dose, wait for upwards of 2 hours to see how it affects you. You’ll know when the cannabis kicks in and you can decide to dose up (or not) at that time. Everyone’s body chemistry is different and so is our metabolism, which is why demonstrating patience in this regard can be the key to having a fabulous experience.

A complete buffet of options.

With both medical and recreational legalization comes the entrepreneurial spirit to find new and exciting ways to ingest the cannabis plant. You may just find there to be as much selection in the cannabis edibles display at your dispensary than there are strains of marijuana flower on the shelf. We’re talking a complete line of weed-infused chocolates, powder mixes, candies, cannabis mints, lozenges, marijuana-infused beverages, and of course, cannabis-infused gummies.

The takeaway here however is that each of these products is going to metabolize differently. Some of these products enter your bloodstream through the stomach while others begin absorbing orally. So, here are our recommendations for the best ways to enjoy edibles.

Cannabis infused beverages, drops, hard candies and lollipops are often more fast-acting than edibles you chew and swallow. The difference here is that these products first begin to absorb through your mouth and tongue so you might expect to begin feeling your high within the hour. With these types of products however you might find that you’ll need to dose more frequently because the high can be shorter lived than with fully digested cannabis.

Consumables like chocolate, brownies, cookies, and gummies might be more delayed before you feel the effects but the high often lasts longer. Again, everyone’s body reacts differently to cannabis edibles so take things slow at first. Learn how your body tends to react to ingested marijuana before woofing down that second dose.

A history of guesswork.

Back in the day, consuming those marijuana brownies came with as much guesswork as they did THC. It goes without saying that perfecting the perfect dose in one’s home kitchen was nearly impossible and there was no such thing as regulated lab testing. With legalization however, the industry has matured.

Every cannabis edible option you’ll find at the Billo dispensary is clearly marked with its contents. Labels on these products will provide details on THC content along any notable minor cannabinoids. But that’s not to say it still can’t be confusing. It’s always good to talk with your budtender to fully understand what’s inside the product you purchase. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about anything you plan to put in your body.

Medicating with cannabis edibles can provide a sweet (or savory) alternative to smoking herb. The helpful staff at Billo Premium Cannabis Dispensary has a wealth of experience to draw from in this regard. Don’t be shy to come visit and talk to us about how you like to feel. From there, we can guide you through the products and find your next favorite yummy treat.