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This strong indica starts out with an uplifting, giggly, and cerebral high. But as the effects intensify you can expect some heavy relaxation to kick in. This bud has a reputation as a true creeper that can leave you sunk into the couch. Winner: 2022 THC Classic | Best Indica, 1st Place

Talk about a strain bred to take the edge off. Bananasicle will quickly put you in a chilled out state while remaining fully functional. This is a good all-day smoke that leaves you clear headed and won't slow you down. Expect to put your mind on cruise control.

This is an approachable smoke perfect for keeping you mellow but not sleepy. This indica dominant hybrid strikes the perfect balance of body-numbness but with a stimulated mind. The consensus is that moderate doses of this strain can deliver an alert and creative buzz while elevated doses may lead to a stony head high.

This strain delivers on its name with the taste and smell of sweet, tangy cherry. Caked Up Cherries provides a delicate blend of body sedation with an alert mental state. Enjoy subtle relief of pain and insomnia with a euphoric effect bred to soothe both the body and mind. Expect to feel uplifted but tranquil.

A clear headed, cerebral, and creative high. Designed to provide an uplifting and adventurous experience. Don't be surprised when colors seem brighter, your mind becomes sharper, and your thoughts emerge more distinctly. Winner: 2023 THC Classic | Best Sativa, 3rd Place

Expect a strong buzz from this one with an intensely cerebral but balanced high. Motivating but clear headed. Great for focus. This strain is often associated with high potency but can be used during the day without a racing mind.

This strain delivers a strong, euphoric effect from the initial onset which can create a sense of fatigue. The high then transforms into blissful sedation. Expect a strong degree of pleasure and restfulness.

Strap in for a quick onset with this one. Expect to experience squinty eyes and warm forehead because this strain can be a bit potent. The Blue Sherbert lineage gives your buzz a mellowing quality. So after the initial lift-off, what follows is a refreshing, motivational, and clear headed high leaving you "cool as sherbert." Winner: 2020 THC Classic | Best Hybrid, 1st Place

A well balanced hybrid that comes with its own share of potency but without the couch-locked feeling typically associated with strong weed. This strain delivers moderate cerebral effects and pleasant euphoria. The head high is upbeat and happy and can lead to increased levels of energy and creativity.

This loud and pungent strain is arguably some of the most potent weed you can smoke. Users experience a strong head high which settles in behind the eyes. Expect a mighty initial punch to your cerebral cortex with heavy-handed relaxation to follow, leaving you glued to the couch. This is Josie Wales’ original cut.

Expect to feel happy and giggly on the front end and quite mellow as the high burns off. Not overly heady and not too potent. Good choice for those with a lower tolerance. Quick onset, providing an immediate high that fades fast. Great pick for anyone looking to achieve that "happy go lucky" mindset. Winner: 2022 THC Classic | Best Disposable Vape, 2nd Place

Expect to enjoy an uplifted head high from this strain. With a flavor profile combining both sweetness and spice, you’ll enjoy an almost immediate boosted mood which eventually wears into a comfortable, relaxed state of being. This Billo-grown cut originated from the exact lineage that won the 2019 Emerald Cup.

Arguably one of the sleepiest strains you'll experience. This one won't get you overly high but boasts incredible relaxation effects. Often recommended for pain management thanks to its strong body high. Cuts anxiety like nobody's business leaving you nothing short of mellow. A great nighttime buzz that will drift you comfortably to bed.

Haze for days! One of the most psychoactive and visually amplifying highs you can find. This thought provoking strain can be somewhat intense and potent on the brain. This one lends itself well to artistic and creative endeavors.

A euphoric yet productive hybrid. MAC #1 provides a happy head buzz without being too overwhelming. It's a pleasant high that does pack its fair share of potency with both an upbeat yet balancing effect. This super frosty bud is some of the whitest you've ever seen; drenched in milky trichomes.

This pungent strain has terpenes that hit you in the face with mellow sweetness and a hint of funk. This one provides full body comfort without knocking you out. The quintessential “feel good” weed to put your mind at ease. Calming, but not sleepy. Relaxed but mentally stimulated. Reportedly helps with pain, sleep, and anxiety.

If you're looking for a powerful strain known to get you extremely high with a quick onset, meet Mr. Nasty. The initial rush hits hard, with a powerful body high to follow. Smoking Mr. Nasty has been known to lead folks to a lazy, munchie-fueled good time.

Expect an initial rush of euphoria followed by waves of full-body relaxation. This is boutique weed at its finest, boasting an extreme amount of trichomes. Winner: 2020 THC Classic | Best Indica, 2nd Place

This evenly balanced hybrid provides a minty terp profile with hints of chocolate. Expect a full-body high designed to set you at ease from the start. As the high deepens, you'll enjoy the gentle sedation that stems from its GSC lineage. You're going to love the cerebral numbing that guides your mind to some hazy introspection with this one.

Slurricrasher is an extremely sedating indica which gets you high very quickly. You'll feel relaxed from the start with this one. The smoke is smooth and so is the buzz. This is the ultimate choice for chilling out. For those with a lighter tolerance, this strain could put you to sleep. For more heavy users, this is a great pick to find that perfectly relaxed state of being. Winner: 2021 THC Classic | Best Indica, 2nd Place

This is a great representation of OG Kush. The experience is often associated with classic indica, providing equal parts head and body high. Expect to feel weighted limbs, a warm feeling deep inside your chest, and a hushed sense of tranquility. This strain is often enjoyed in the evening, providing an escape from the day’s accumulated stress.

Talk about terps that hit throughout the entire experience. This strain provides a lasting high with flavor that spans from your first puff to the bottom of the bowl. True to its name, this is the perfect blend of both sour and sage. Enjoy a well-balanced, creative high without the racing mind. Expect to feel energized and euphoric, but clearly focused all the while.

Enjoy a functional daytime high with this strain. The smoke from this one will leave you feeling vibrant and energized to get you up and moving. Whether you’re headed outdoors for a hike or simply finishing up chores around the house, you can expect a euphoric but cerebral lift after puffing these nuggs.

Don't be surprised if you find yourself smiling for hours after consuming this one. A deep sense of "happy for no reason" is the most common experience. This strain is an extremely uplifting choice and great for social occasions. The bud reeks of oranges with great flavor. The perfect all-day smoke.