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A stupefying and instant effect commonly associated with sour diesel and chemdog with some mellowness after the initial onset.

Starts with cerebral head effects and quickly mellows out into a very heavy relaxed state.

One of our most social, outgoing, giggly, uplifting sativa hybrids without the paranoid/racy feeling some sativas are known for.

An Indica hybrid with a clean & chilled-out buzz that takes the edge off without putting you to sleep.

Classic knockout kush, the type of buzz that can make a seasoned smoker feel like a novice. A couple hits and it's down for the count.

Roller coaster ride" Sativa effects for those with a lower tolerance or who are not fans of haze-based strains. Sativa lovers will enjoy the extremely psychedelic, creative & racy effects of lilac diesel.

The effects of platinum kush breath are fast acting and can be felt around the forehead intially and then quickly settles into a heavy and relaxing body buzz.

An initial rock to the head that quickly settles into a heavy full body buzz. The long-lasting relaxing effects of Runtz really shine through in this cross.

Heavy sedating stoned effect, the infamous glued to couch indica high.

Not an overwhelming sativa as far as introspective thoughts and paranoia but it does offer a nice boost of energy and a happy/giggly effect