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Common Folk in the Boat Podcast: Guest Eric Baker of Harvest Skis

In this episode of the Common Folk in the ‘Boat Podcast, we talk to longtime local Eric Baker, founder of Harvest Skis Steamboat Springs. Eric is has also played the mandolin for a number of local bands including the Old Town Pickers and Buffalo Commons.

So here’s a guy who really enjoys living here in Steamboat Springs and producing products that Steamboat locals love to use when exploring our endless backyard, so to speak.

Eli: Welcome Eric. How are you doing?

Eric: I’m doing great, Eli. Thanks for having me.

Eli: Well thanks for being here. Now, as I mentioned, you are the founder of Harvest Skis, you’ve worked as an arborist in town, and you’re a busy musician. Now something originally brought you to Steamboat Springs. Can you tell us what it was that attracted you to the Steamboat community?

…listen to Eric’s complete interview to hear his answer!