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billo growers taking pride in marijuana awards

Winning Colorado’s Highest Cannabis Awards

Billo Premium Cannabis Takes Home 4 Trophies From Rooster Cup Competition

Similar to how great wines are honored and craft beer is distinguished, Colorado has a cannabis awards competition where the state’s legal cannabis is meticulously judged. The THC Classic, the state’s only blind-judging cannabis competition, is hosted by Rooster Magazine.

This year, the growers and extraction technicians at Billo Premium Cannabis based in Steamboat Springs have some very good reasons to be especially proud. Billo products were recently awarded four incredible cannabis awards for excellence including:

  • Best Indica Strain (1st Place – Banana Mac)
  • Best Flash Frozen (2nd Place – Durban Diesel Diamonds and Sauce)
  • Best Disposable Vape (2nd Place – Grapple x Jealousy)
  • Best Hydrocarbon Vape (3rd Place – Spritzer)

What we love about this particular competition is how it’s blind-judged by cannabis experts. It takes all of the brand bias out of the final selections and allows the best to win.

Charlie Peddie, Billo Chief of Operations

Entries into the competition are submitted in January and are then repackaged without any labels or branding. Only after the products are stripped of any brand identifiers are they given to the judges for critique. The competition attracts entries from dispensaries, manufacturers, and wholesalers that are subsequently judged across 20 categories. The categories include such items as cannabis flower, weed edibles, concentrates, vape pens, and weed infusions.

Each category has a panel of 5 judges who review each strain and assign an overall score based on a set of criteria. The judging criteria include attributes of the product including appearance, flavor, quality of the effect, and potency. There were over 300 submissions to this year’s competition making the 9th annual cannabis awards even more difficult to earn, which is what makes our 1st Place award-winning weed strain so much more impressive!

It’s such an honor to be recognized now for the third year in a row. It highlights how hard the team has been working and how we continue to focus on quality above all.

Dave Kulberg, Billo Head of Grow Operations

What’s most impressive about Billo’s trove of 2022 cannabis awards is how they include categories beyond just flower.

“It feels good to come home with trophies in a wide range of different categories,” Kulberg says. “It further solidifies that Billo is a well-rounded company, making premium products from flower to extracts.”

lab techs working on cannabis extraction

Beyond this competition being blind-judged, qualified judges are held to a strict set of criteria. Judges have three weeks to analyze the products in their category of expertise and are not allowed to test more than two products in a day. This provides the best scenario for proper evaluation, allowing the judges to fully experience each product they are tasked with assessing.

Colorado’s legal cannabis industry largely agrees that Rooster Magazine’s THC Classic is the pinnacle of cannabis award competitions. There is a high degree of respect for winners in every category and Billo Premium Cannabis is delighted to boast some of the state’s most trusted honors.

Try Billo’s Award-Winning Cannabis Strains Today

The best part about creating such amazing, award-winning cannabis products is that Colorado residents don’t have to travel far to find them. If you’re ready to enjoy the best weed in Colorado, shop our online cannabis menu or stop by our Steamboat Springs location and let our knowledgeable staff find the perfect product for you.