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Steamboat Springs dispensary

Visiting a Steamboat Springs Dispensary

Welcome to our beautiful mountain town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Many of our guests flock to the Yampa Valley year-round because of the inspiring landscapes, enchanting forests, and wide-open spaces. On top of that, some out-of-towners look forward to experiencing an exhilarating rocky mountain high by purchasing marijuana products while visiting our Steamboat Springs dispensary.

Undoubtedly, the thrill of toking weed in this majestic high country sounds like an incredible experience for many. But for some, walking into a recreational dispensary might feel intimidating, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the protocol and/or our local laws.

Fear not, because here at Billo, we know the ropes and are always eager to share some great advice to help you ease your concerns. The information below covers most of what you can expect when visiting a Steamboat Springs dispensary as well as some local laws and guidelines.

What to Know Before You Go

No One Under 21 Admitted

The laws established around Colorado’s recreational marijuana sales are pretty straightforward for consumer purchases. You must be at least 21 years of age and provide identification to prove it. So make sure you and anyone you are with who wants to enter the dispensary has a valid state-issued ID or passport ready to show. Note that expired identification cannot be accepted. Anyone who is unable to provide proof of age over 21 will not be allowed into the store.

visiting a steamboat dispensary

Expect to be asked for identification when you first enter the Billo dispensary. Once admitted, you can feel free to peruse and shop to your heart’s content similar to any other retail environment.

Bring Cash or Debit Card

One of the cannabis industry’s most significant hurdles revolves around the banking industry and the inability for marijuana retailers to accept credit cards. While the sale of cannabis in Colorado is allowed at the state level, the plant is not yet federally legal. Therefore, prominent financial institutions won’t allow us to process cannabis transactions.

This stance makes it impossible for dispensaries like Billo to accept major credit cards.

To help alleviate this bottleneck, most Steamboat Springs dispensaries including Billo have an ATM available with relatively low transaction fees. For your convenience, we also allow debit card transactions which can help make the check-out process smooth and stress-free.

Dispensary Shopping Can Take Some Time

From the first steps through the door to the final purchase, the goal here at Billo Premium Cannabis Dispensary is to provide an exceptional customer experience. Our elite budtenders will take the necessary time with each customer to both educate and inform about our extensive selection of cannabis products.

buying weed in steamboat colorado

That said, if you visit Billo around peak times of the day, you should be prepared for what might be a short wait while our budtenders are serving others. Our staff spends the needed amount of time to evaluate each person’s needs and will do the same for you.

When it’s your turn to talk with a knowledgeable staff member, know that they are there to ensure you are walking out with products that have been individually recommended for you.

Do Some Homework

While it’s hard to figure out precisely what you may be looking for, a good starting point is to look up the products sold at our Steamboat Springs dispensary ahead of visiting the store.

Having a general idea of what sounds appealing is a good way to initiate a conversation with your budtender. The Billo strain guide and online menu were built to showcase our inventory with easy-to-navigate filters and informative product descriptions. Even better, we often run exclusive deals and promotions that may be of interest when making your purchase decision.

The Shopping Experience

Straight Talk from a Budtender

Similar to the bartender who serves your drinks, those who sell weed are known as budtenders. And the fun really begins when it’s your turn to step up to the counter. The time you spend discussing the various product options with a marijuana specialist can be an enlightening experience meant to educate and inform customers about cannabis.

Our budtenders know their business and work hard to help customers sift through what can feel like a maze of options available for cannabis consumption.

From top-shelf flower to concentrates, edibles, vapes, and infused beverages, your budtender is there to deliver valuable insight into each product available for consumption while visiting Steamboat Colorado.

For instance, getting to know your reason for consuming can help our budtenders pair you with the best product options to achieve your goal. Understanding each strain’s intended effects and your preferred means of consumption helps us guide you towards determining what kind of high you’d like to achieve.

Over the years, we’ve learned that not every customer is looking for the same thing. You may prefer a get-up-and-go cultivar designed to enhance your day on the slopes. Or perhaps a laid-back indica strain might suit your needs better. Like something more suited for a relaxing trip to one of our many hot springs.

More than anything, we’ve learned how individuals may react differently to marijuana. So having knowledgeable budtenders with a complete understanding of the products we sell helps us guide you towards a pleasurable cannabis experience.

shopping at a steamboat dispensary

Some Cannabis Consumption Advice

Many tourists think that after visiting a Steamboat Springs dispensary they can just step outside and light up that freshly wrapped pre-roll or puff on a vape. Unfortunately, Steamboat Springs marijuana laws prohibit consumption in public areas and other notable places. These areas include sidewalks, parks, common areas, and outdoor venues. In addition, it is illegal to consume any marijuana products on federal land including the Steamboat ski resort and other national parks and forests.

With that in mind, it is highly advised to use discretion when consuming cannabis outdoors. Find a private and discreet place to go before lighting up that joint you’ve been holding in your pocket. And note that consuming weed at most Steamboat lodging properties, hotels, and vacation rentals is strictly prohibited. So check the rules at your property and be aware of what they allow or not.

Final Words

Marijuana products these days can be a great way to enhance your Steamboat Springs vacation and maximize your enjoyment while visiting. If you’re visiting from a non-legal state or just don’t have a lot of experience with dispensaries in general, no need to worry. Here at Billo we strive to give every customer the attention they deserve to make the best purchase decision and find the pleasure that comes from consuming cannabis.