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SUM Microdose: From Moon Rocks to Microdose

That’s Rock Solid Science!

Did you know Dr. Robert Sievers, founder of the SUM Microdose cannabinoids delivery platform, was the Lead Scientific Investigator on the Apollo Moon Rocks?

We at SUM Microdose like to say we are founded in rock-solid science! In a recent interview, Dr. Sievers who retired from CU Boulder earlier this year at the age of 87, stated that he considers his work on cannabinoid sciences to be some of the most important of his career!

Considering his career highlights include analytical research on the Apollo Moon Rocks – yes that is an actual moon rock in the photo!

During Dr. Sievers’ long and fruitful career, he also received a $20 million grant from the Gate’s Foundation to develop a needle-free vaccine platform for 3rd World Countries. Many of these countries don’t have stable electrical grids, access to refrigeration, or clean water, which made stability a challenge. But never to shy away from a challenge, Dr. Sievers and his team successfully developed a product utilizing his patented Bubble Drying technology to stabilize live vaccines into a dry powder form, that could be inhaled, rather than injected with a needle.

As the vaccine project wrapped up, along came Amendment 64 and later, the Farm Bill of 2014. A family friend was facing the battle of a child with drug-resistant epilepsy, and Dr. Sievers started looking into the science of microdose cannabinoids.

Dr. Sievers knew he had to find a way to bypass the liver and quickly get microdose cannabinoids into the bloodstream, in a precise, measured form. From his vaccine research, he knew sublingual was the following best way & SUM was born! Even in his retirement, Dr. Sievers still enjoys growing cannabis and analyzing plant materials, from terpenes & plant Phyto-steroids to his favorite of all, minor cannabinoids! Dr. Sievers knows the benefits that microdose cannabinoids bring to medicine and wellness and is tremendously grateful for having the opportunity to work in this emerging industry of Cannabis Science!

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