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If you’re new to Steamboat Springs or simply vacationing here, the laws surrounding marijuana purchase and consumption might seem a bit daunting. We get a lot of questions about the dispensary and the regulations surrounding Colorado’s cannabis rules. To help guide you through the do’s and don’ts of marijuana dispensaries in Steamboat Springs, we’ve put together this list of common questions and answers for you to understand. Can I purchase marijuana for recreational consumption in Steamboat? Yep, you sure can! The Billo Premium Cannabis Dispensary is a fully licensed and legal cannabis retailer. Adults age 21+ with a government issued ID can legally

If we're being honest, the highlight of the holidays for many of us is the food, right? I mean, who doesn't love to stuff themself with main dishes prepared with care and holiday desserts baked with love? But this "Friendsgiving" we challenge you to step out of the norm and get creative with something new. Perhaps even something your dinner guests will remember as the standout dessert of the year! Introducing the easy, no-bake, low-dose "Mr. Puffer Cheesecake" presented by your friends at Keef brand infused beverage company. Isn't it about time to infuse a little fun into your post-turkey nom? Ingredients: 2

That's Rock Solid Science! Did you know Dr. Robert Sievers, founder of the SUM Microdose cannabinoids delivery platform, was the Lead Scientific Investigator on the Apollo Moon Rocks? We at SUM Microdose like to say we are founded in rock-solid science! In a recent interview, Dr. Sievers who retired from CU Boulder earlier this year at the age of 87, stated that he considers his work on cannabinoid sciences to be some of the most important of his career! Considering his career highlights include analytical research on the Apollo Moon Rocks – yes that is an actual moon rock in the photo! During Dr.

EACH YEAR, 35-40 WOMEN ARE DIAGNOSED WITH BREAST CANCER IN THE YAMPA VALLEY The Bust of Steamboat organization exists to assist these women with financial and emotional support during a very stressful time in their lives. It's this passion for helping local women that prompts Billo to get involved and support as well. Over 22 years, Bust of Steamboat has given funds to UC Health for a new chemotherapy chair and contributed to the purchase of a specialized MRI machine. The Bust of Steamboat has also contributed artwork for the infusion treatment area in the hospital. Bust of Steamboat pays for mammograms, wellness

In terms of things to do in Steamboat Springs, getting up-close and friendly with a group of big name musicians is an opportunity that doesn't come around often. Luckily for the good folks of Steamboat Springs, the chance to rub elbows with reggae superstars is as easy as ever. Introducing the Hang 10 With Fortunate Youth event hosted at Snow Bowl Steamboat on Friday, September 30th. Hang 10 with Fortunate Youth could arguably be one of the most fun things to do in Steamboat Springs this summer. It's a private bowling event capped at just 48 people, giving ticket holders direct

Wipe your mouth, you appear to be drooling. We know, just thinking about some of the delicious cannabis edibles that have hit the market over the last year is all it takes to get you curious about consuming marijuana differently. Sweet, salty, gummy, and chocolatey. Or heck, no flavor at all. The industry is booming with varieties of THC-infused edibles like never before. Cannabis edibles come with a somewhat different “user manual” than you have come to expect with simply smoking pot. Before you go munching on those weed-infused gummies or mixing dissolvable THC concentrate powders into your next meal, here are

Perhaps it is the wide array of cannabis infused beverages produced by Keef Brands that leads us to love them. It might also be the distinctive way that Keef allows customers to now enjoy consuming cannabis beyond a smoke or vape. But no matter how you slice it, Keef brands have won the hearts of Billo dispensary budtenders and it’s a brand we trust to deliver a great cannabis experience. The Keef story begins in 2010 when Erik Knutson launched the brand in Boulder, Colorado. With some help from both family and friends, Erik knew there should be a way to

There are a handful of brands in the marijuana edibles industry that stand out in terms of quality and excellence. Wana Brands just so happens to be one of them. Billo Premium Cannabis recreational marijuana dispensary in Steamboat Springs carries Wana gummies for the very reason that they are a trusted manufacturer of edibles, putting quality at the forefront always. Wana began as a scrappy start-up out of Boulder back when Colorado voters approved cannabis legalization. Within this new legalized industry, there were no pre-written rules about how to operate a marijuana edibles company and most brands were just winging it

Billo Premium Cannabis Takes Home 4 Trophies From Rooster Cup Competition Similar to how great wines are honored and craft beer is distinguished, Colorado has a cannabis awards competition where the state’s legal cannabis is meticulously judged. The THC Classic, the state’s only blind-judging cannabis competition, is hosted by Rooster Magazine. This year, the growers and extraction technicians at Billo Premium Cannabis based in Steamboat Springs have some very good reasons to be especially proud. Billo products were recently awarded four incredible cannabis awards for excellence including: Best Indica Strain (1st Place – Banana Mac)Best Flash Frozen (2nd Place – Durban Diesel Diamonds

When you refer to the Meriam-Webster definition of “weed” you’re not going to read what today’s hip youth are referring to as marijuana. In fact, far from it. Definition:Weed (pr: wēd): A plant that is not valued where it is growing and is usually of vigorous growth. According to, the term weed is defined as "any undesirable or troublesome plant, especially one that grows profusely where it is not wanted." Wow… ok. One could certainly argue the fact that what you’ll find in today’s weed dispensary near you is far from “not valued.” And let’s not skirt the fact that many of

Examining Billo's weed grow operation. The warm humidity throughout the building slaps you in the face when you first enter the Billo weed grow operation facility. A visual scan of the “mom” room reveals thriving healthy specimens of the state’s most coveted plants. There is a definite vibe here that leads one to quickly understand how unique and special this warehouse truly is. Very few dispensaries cultivate their own marijuana and most don’t even come close to the attentive manner in which Billo growers approach their work. But with so many shops claiming to have Colorado’s best weed, how does one distinguish