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Billo Premium Cannabis Takes Home 4 Trophies From Rooster Cup Competition Similar to how great wines are honored and craft beer is distinguished, Colorado has a cannabis awards competition where the state’s legal cannabis is meticulously judged. The THC Classic, the state’s only blind-judging cannabis competition, is hosted by Rooster Magazine. This year, the growers and extraction technicians at Billo Premium Cannabis based in Steamboat Springs have some very good reasons to be especially proud. Billo products were recently awarded four incredible cannabis awards for excellence including: Best Indica Strain (1st Place – Banana Mac)Best Flash Frozen (2nd Place – Durban Diesel Diamonds

When you refer to the Meriam-Webster definition of “weed” you’re not going to read what today’s hip youth are referring to as marijuana. In fact, far from it. Definition:Weed (pr: wēd): A plant that is not valued where it is growing and is usually of vigorous growth. According to, the term weed is defined as "any undesirable or troublesome plant, especially one that grows profusely where it is not wanted." Wow… ok. One could certainly argue the fact that what you’ll find in today’s weed dispensary near you is far from “not valued.” And let’s not skirt the fact that many of

Examining Billo's weed grow operation. The warm humidity throughout the building slaps you in the face when you first enter the Billo weed grow operation facility. A visual scan of the “mom” room reveals thriving healthy specimens of the state’s most coveted plants. There is a definite vibe here that leads one to quickly understand how unique and special this warehouse truly is. Very few dispensaries cultivate their own marijuana and most don’t even come close to the attentive manner in which Billo growers approach their work. But with so many shops claiming to have Colorado’s best weed, how does one distinguish