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Drink (and Eat) Your Cannabis

Huge thanks to our friends at Art With Altitude magazine for the incredible write-ups featuring Billo in their Winter issue. Here are some of the highlights…


Skipping the alcohol and opting for a beverage that can actually leave you feeling refreshed the next day is quickly becoming all the rage. Cannabis-infused beverages are a excellent alternative to ordinary mixed drinks and a unique way to enjoy cannabis in a celebratory and adventurous manner.

THC-infused “mocktails” are equal to their counterparts in every aspect of flavor and enjoyment but intended as a non-alcoholic alternative to your après ski routine or evening wind down.

These drinks are typically blended using traditional cocktail ingredients but with cannabinoids (typically THC or CBD) in lieu of alcohol. Consider them in the same category as cannabis edibles, but drinkable. Best of all, the key ingredients can be found at your local Steamboat Springs dispensary and mixed from the comfort of your own home.

When drinking cannabis, you’d be wise to start slow and gauge how you feel before imbibing more. Liquid (i.e., emulsified) cannabis products are often absorbed into the bloodstream more quickly than typical edibles. Most individuals begin to feel the initial effects in as little as 10-20 minutes from their first swallow, with the peak of relaxation setting in between 45-90 minutes after the first glass. So plan to allow the effects settle a bit before whipping up another batch.

A couple of brands contrived to make mixing your own mocktails a breeze include Keef and Dialed In… of Colorado. One of Keef’s core tenets is to blend the social experience of drinking with the magic of cannabis. They do this through both pre-mixed sodas, infused seltzers, and easily dosed, flavored mocktail mixers. Dialed In… has also bubbled to the top of the industry with their line of Liquid Gummies. These live rosin simple syrups come in a host of different strains (i.e., flavors) and are easily added to just about any drink for a boost of THC goodness.

If you’ve been searching for an alternative to the mind-numbing effects of that glass of wine or bottle of beer, allow us to introduce you to these incredibly tasty recipes you can make yourself. No mixology degree required here. Simply head to the dispensary, grab your supplies, and start remixing your definition of an evening nightcap.

Slightly bubbly, minty, fresh, and sweet; almost like a crisp, wintry snowshoe hike on the mountain.

1 tbsp cucumber (diced)
2–3 mint leaves
2 oz lime juice
2 oz mint syrup
1 capful Dialed In… Liquid Gummies (10mg THC)
4 oz tonic water

To make this mocktail…

– Muddle the mint and cucumber in a shaker

– Add lime juice, syrup, Liquid Gummies, and ice; shake well

– Pour into a glass, add tonic water, and stir

Dialed In liquid gummies mocktail

A tart spin on the classic. This drink is ideal for fall and winter entertaining. It’s both refreshing and easy to make.

6 oz cranberry juice
3 oz ginger beer
1/2 oz lime juice
2 capfuls Keef Life H2O
Cranberry Lime (20mg THC)
Lime to garnish

To make this mocktail…

– Mix ingredients together

– Stir, don’t shake!

– Pour over ice (we recommend a traditional copper mug if you have one)

Keef mocktail

ELEVATE THE ARTS: Grab some mixers, then head to Billo Dispensary for Keef’s pre-mixed sodas, infused seltzers, and flavored mocktail mixers, or try Dialed In… Liquid Gummies. Start remixing your definition of an evening nightcap.

The Perfect Pairing

Taking elegance to a new level, Billo Premium Dispensary partnered with Elkstone Farms to offer guests a seven-course meal paired with cannabis. As guests arrived by a complimentary shuttle, they were greeted with their choice of THC cocktails, gummies, and dabs. Once everyone was relaxed, they were guided through a tour of the greenhouse and surrounding orchard that provides fruits and vegetables for exclusive dinners, including this one, as well as to local restaurants. Even the meat served during the meal came from livestock that grazes the property.