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The Weed Industry…

🤯 Mind = Blown 🤯

All the credit in the world to Brian Geddes for what might be the most impactful statement about the #cannabisindustry I’ve ever heard or read.

For those a bit less “in the know” the world of #cannabis is DIFFERENT.

It’s a scattered and fragmented coalition of stoners, libertarian freedom fighters, hippies, edge lord tech bros, and dyed in the wool CPG/Food/Alcohol/Pharma Folks.

It’s 39 separate and distinct industries united by a singular subculture, and serviced by a plethora of service providers and technology all purpose built (unfortunately often times poorly) to solve the unique challenges created by the patchwork of legal requirements.

Oh… and it’s all been built without any real help from the outside world and while facing serious stigmas socially and politically at every turn.

Players come and go. Titans rise and fall. Rules and regulations change. All at speeds other industries would cower away from.

Working in weed is like working in dog years.

The knowledge and skills are largely through trial and error and the school of hard knocks.

We aren’t just building the plane while flying it… we’re inventing the process of flight while already in the air…

The evolution of this industry has come in phases.

At first it was all about medical and caregivers and the real roots of healing.

Then it was about the Green Rush and trap life and stacking dollars.

Then came the years of mega-Corps and regulatory capture and forced vertical integration and stock manipulation.

Now we are in the final stages of state by state legalization with the specter of Schedule 3 and big pharma looming over us.

Each phase saw entrants to the space (both companies and people, but for the purposes of this post I’m speaking of the latter) come and go.

Like baby turtles racing towards the promised land of the open sea… 90% never make it to the water and another 9% don’t actually find their groove.

That last 1% that survive are battle hardened and protective of their seat at the table.

Nothing is better than welcoming a person to the fray that wants to be here for the right reasons and is willing to learn no matter the stage of their career.

Nothing is worse than dealing with another person late to the party and hoping for a quick buck and to BS their way to success.

Those of us who have made it this far for this long have often tried and failed to convey this all in a way that makes sense.

A simple method to explain all of the above and more. A way to explain the intangibles and specificities that make cannabis anything but just another vertical.

That isn’t the case anymore.

Brian has finally given it to us.

“Tribal Knowledge”

So simple. So perfect.

Next time I have to explain “why” for the 4th time to someone who thinks they have it all figured it…

My answer will be “That’s tribal knowledge you haven’t earned yet… give it some time”

Thank you Brian. Truly.


Brett is one of the managing partners at Good Highdeas and speaks often about the state of the cannabis industry. Brett works hard at “bridging the gap from Bong to Boardroom” and is very open about being a rebel and a misfit who practices a special version of radical transparency, which he consistently brings to the cannabis industry. Read more from Brett on LinkedIn