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Organized chaos & illusory!

The Iceman Special is a 4 piece outfit transplanted from the swamps of Louisiana to New Orleans. They create a sound that resonates with the psych rock community as well as writing songs that explore reggae, funk, melodic pop, prog, and other influences.

From Tuscaloosa, Alabama to little 'ol Steamboat Springs, this progressive rock band hits the Schmiggity's stage with an palpable energy sure to infect the entire audience. "CBDB combine impressive musicianship and solid songwriting with more than a hint of having a good time —a trifecta that is rarely seen in any band, let alone one as ambitious as they are." - Relix Defining a newfound, southern blend of joyous and progressive rock n roll, they channel a sonic mix of soulful vocals and virtuosic musicianship with smart, tasteful songwriting. On stage, each member of CBDB fluidly plays between complex composition and

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